Endeavour Roadshow

Monday 13 July - Friday 24 July 2015

Endeavour Roadshow is an outbound schools outreach program which gives primary and secondary school students across Victoria the opportunity to experience an exciting introduction to Engineering & IT.


Teams of Engineering & IT students visit a number of primary and secondary schools across Victoria, conducting an impressive presentation of 60-90 minutes in length. Each presentation is in the style of an interactive workshop to increase fun and facilitate tactile learning. Students are informed of the demonstrations through technical applications that are accessible to a young audience.

Program Details

Dates: A weekday from Monday 13 July until Friday 24 July 2015 (first two weeks of Term 3)
Target year levels: Years 5 - 10
Capacity: 30 students per workshop

Very positive - students were engaged with applications that were not familiar. Well explained and connected to everyday experiences - a really worthwhile experience.
Year 10 Teacher, Tintern Schools, East Ringwood


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