Industry Engagement


The Endeavour Program is an annual series of events that culminates in a public exhibition of Engineering and IT student projects in October. These events attract a wide range of audience including school students, university students, industry guests, academics and staff of the University. The events available to industry vary depending on the level of commitment and contribution to the Endeavour Program, from being a sponsor to being a casual attendee at an event.


Sponsoring Endeavour

With high levels of exposure to university, secondary school and primary school students, Endeavour is able to provide you, as a sponsor, with a large range of opportunities as well as priority attendance at events.
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Industry Participation

The Endeavour Program allows for flexible levels of participation from industry guests, ranging from casual attendance to being a guest presenter.

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14 April

Endeavour Launch

13 July - 24 July

Endeavour Roadshow

6 August

Endeavour Roundtable

22 October

Endeavour Engineering & IT Exhibition

22 October

Endeavour Adventure

22 October

Endeavour Industry & Awards Night