Final-Year Students

The Endeavour Team acts as a connection between project teams and the public.


Communications with the Management Team and project-students-specific information will be done through the 2015 Endeavour Project community on Learning Management System (LMS). Please contact us if you are unable to access it.
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Endeavour Prizes

Various monetary and other prizes will be awarded by certain sponsors and by Departmental staff under the following categories.

  • Commercialisation potential
  • Overall departmental best
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Project Student Timeline

The timeline lists key dates for major events and deadlines to assist all project teams in the lead-up to the 2015 Endeavour Design Expo. This timeline is also available on LMS.
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Project Descriptions

Project descriptions will be used to promote Endeavour and to describe projects to students, industry, and the wider community. If you wish to update your project description, please contact us.

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14 April

Endeavour Launch

13 July - 24 July

Endeavour Roadshow

6 August

Endeavour Roundtable

22 October

Endeavour Engineering & IT Exhibition

22 October

Endeavour Adventure

22 October

Endeavour Industry & Awards Night